Beautiful Girls

Everything must be so easy in this life for beautiful girls. You know the type, intelligent, gorgeous and with great bodies to match their brains. I can’t imagine they go to the beach worrying about how they look in their bikinis, or that people are looking down on them when they see them.

You would think everything comes easy for them, these beautiful girls. They can have every man (or woman) they choose, they’re successful in their careers (because attractive people are more likely to get hired), and overall seem to have no problems.

I can’t say I’m a beautiful girl, though I believe being one definitely has its problems. I’m sure these women have had their intelligence questioned on multiple occasions. I’m sure that others have assumed they’ve slept their way through every promotion they’ve ever had in the workplace.

I bet that other women don’t like them much because they are jealous of what they perceive is true of them (that everything comes easy for them). Other beautiful girls probably aren’t too friendly either because they may see them as competition.

I can assure you they’ve been objectified by men more times than they can count; they’ve been surely grabbed inappropriately at one point or another, and have been on the receiving end of unwanted attention from males. I’m positive that they’ve been subjected to this kind of behavior not only when they’re out dancing and having fun with friends, but also at the office, or even on the street.

If they’re feminine and take care of their appearances, they’re accused of being vain and shallow. Most people don’t value their opinions, or even take a couple of minutes to hear what they have to say. They are beautiful, but the most people look for in them is skin deep, no one takes the time to get to know the person underneath that attractive package.

I can’t say I’m a beautiful girl because I’d be lying, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be one if I was.



  1. Un Coeur Sincere · noviembre 3, 2014

    Love it! like all your texts..
    Im not that kind of girl, but i suffer 1% of those things and it´s not easy..

    • natylo · noviembre 3, 2014

      I know, right? And people wonder why I don’t like being a woman


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